Wednesday, February 5, 2003

The PyObjC article seems to have been received well. If there is enough traffic, the second article will be a go. It will combine web services, Cocoa, and Python in one big ball of easy to follow instructional/educational goodness.

The article was actually written in restructured text and then processed into a form acceptable to O'Reilly's production staff via a DocUtils plain HTML writer that I wrote specifically for the task.

It worked well from the author's perspective, but I haven't received feedback from the production staff yet.

BTW: ReStructured Text absolutely rocks. The pure text source is very readable yet provides enough structural markup such that fully formatted documents can be produced in a variety of output formats, including PDF, HTML, HTML+CSS, pure text, and LaTeX. The DocUtils project is a pure python ReST processor and looks to have a very promising future.
5:16:15 PM  pontificate