Monday, February 17, 2003

A while ago, I reported a bug-- really a feature request-- against asking for the 'Mark as Junk' feature to also delete the message and select the next unread message (or next read message, if there are no more unread messages).

Basically, I wanted 'Mark as Junk' to work just like the delete key currently works.

As of 10.2.4, the 'Mark as Junk' icon works just like the delete key if you option-click the button.

In any case, if there are aspects of OS X that annoy you-- bugs, missing features, whatever-- or you just have an idea you think would add value to the system, then file a report. You will need a [free] ADC membership to gain access to the bug reporter.

When filing reports, provide as much detail as you can. In particular, provide all of the information you can about your system-- version of the OS, version of the Dev tools, memory size, disk size, etc... I keep a Stickie around that has a summary of my system so that it is a simple cut/paste away:

TiBook 667 VGA / 30GB HD / 512MB RAM / CDRW / 10.2.4 / 6i32

Version 2.1 (December 2002 Developer Tools)
Component versions
PB IDE: 114.0
PB Core: 112.0
ToolSupport: 110.0

Always provide steps to reproduce, if possible. Once the bug is filed, the confirmation screen contains a 'mailto' link that creates a new compose window with an appropriate subject (don't change it). If you can, provide screen shots, crash reports, or any other pertinent information in the email.

Once you get it down, it only takes a minute or so to file a bug. I keep a TextEdit document full of bugs/issues to report. When I have a few minutes and a network connection, I'll run through and report them. The document contains the screenshots, when appropriate.

Most importantly, don't preach in your report or request! Having worked in tech support before, I can tell you with the utmost confidence that a preachy report-- a "I can't believe you guys screwed up something so totally obvious" style of writing-- pretty much guarantees that your report will fall into a black hole (though, if it does actually discuss a legitimate issue, someone will deal with it).

All in all, I have filed something like 250 bugs or feature requests since the release of OS X. Maybe more. Over the years, most have been resolved one way or another. Even if a bug is one that you just know others have encountered, file a report anyway-- quantity of reports is important in determining which features will be added and with what priority bugs will be fixed.
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It is snowing here. Big time. Looks like we are about half way through this storm. I took a few pictures around the house. Will likely take some more later.

I love snow.

Update: Ow. I just shoveled my driveway. Ow. That is definitely going to leave a mark. A lot of snow. A very very large amount of snow. Ow. Metro-North is running a Sunday schedule tomorrow, none of the roads around us (except the main road) have been plowed yet, and there is little movement.
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