Tuesday, May 20, 2003

As of 5/19/2003, I am now an employee of Apple.

I have joined the WebObjects team and am focusing on Database Access Tools.

(No, this is not the end of CodeFab. I needed to make some life changes for a variety of reasons and that led to the position with Apple.)

I wanted to publicly thank everyone who has sent kind words and comments in the pontification section of this story. I appreciate the congratulations greatly.

While I cannot comment on the future directions of any of Apple's products, rest assured that every comment has been evaluated in light of the feature requests, bugs, and suggestions provided.

If you have feature requests, bugs, etc... for any of Apple's products, be sure and file an appropriate request via ADC. It is free and Apple really does evaluate customer feedback provided through that channel!
11:52:51 AM  pontificate