Tuesday, June 3, 2003

This has been an odd spring. The flowers have been blooming in waves. First, we had the Daffodil wave, now we are in the Iris wave, next will be the Peony wave. Clicking through the picture will take you to a photo album containing pictures of the Iris that are in bloom in my yard, at the moment.
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Daring Fireball wrote a well considered piece regarding the removal of the WAN streaming feature in iTunes.

Apple’s disabling of Internet sharing in last week’s iTunes 4.0.1 update caused quite a stir. I’m baffled — not by Apple’s decision, but by much of the reaction to it. It is simply beyond me to understand how so many people could express such venomous disdain toward Apple for disabling a capability that was so obviously turning into a huge problem.

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... as an Apple employee. Moving from a company the size of CodeFab to a company the size of Apple is quite the change.

I feel at home-- owe a debt of gratitude to many people at Apple for that-- and am greatly enjoying my role within Apple.

Cool company.
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