Wednesday, September 10, 2003

My family and I are now residents of California.

We found an Eichler for rent in the San Jose area. It has a nice garden; 2 fig trees, 2 (3?) lemon trees, 1 (2?) lime trees, an orange tree, a peach tree, 2 mystery fruit trees, a pomegranate bush/tree, a cherry tree, and an apple tree all crammed into a standard sized San Jose lot.

While we are in the house, our stuff is not -- it is still doing a road tour of America. We have a couple of air mattresses, 4 lawn chairs ($3/each at Long's Drugs), and a half case of really good, cheap, California wine from Trader Joe's.

While commuting to NYC, I spent about an 1:40 minutes on various random trains. Once I started with Apple in May, my commute jumped to a 2,759 miles by air.

Now my commute is about 10 minutes by car and probably around an 1:40 by bicycle considering my current physical condition. That will definitely have to change; biking to work sounds like a truly wonderful idea.

Life is good.

Anyone have any recommendations for Internet service in the San Jose area?

I had a cable modem on the east coast. Uncapped both up and down and, as such, I was seeing 1.5mps/up and around 8mpbs down. I understand that cable modems are capped in this area. Any alternatives? My only concern is OK reliability and the ability to do iChat AV based video chats with famliy at a reasonable quality level.

Any other suggestions for a newcomer to the area?
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