Bill Bumgarner


Old Man Street

This weblog is documenting one couple's adventures in knocking an old house back into shape. Adventures with Mold! Flammable Treasure! Mid '60's Tile Work!

It has already given me a couple of good ideas as to how to attack a few things around this place. Instead of mold, I'm battling subterranean termites -- the worst kind. So far, I have found that if I dump a bit o' bleach on the wall/ground where they are trying to invade, they seem to eventually give up.

Given that the Old Man is, well, old, I'd bet they are dealing with quality mid-50s or prior wiring like the stuff I'm dealing with. Two prong, ungrounded outlets that have occasionally had a three pronger dropped in just 'cause some idiot thought it was more convenient.

The joys of house maintenance...

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BumFiles download link

I added a Downloads link in the link list to the left. It will take you to a file sharing page on my .mac account into which I have posted various random bits of software that I find useful.

It has the Python BSD-DB and Readline modules, both source and Mac OS X binaries. You'll also find the slides from my PyObjC talk at O'Reilly's 2003 OS X conference. Unfortunately, I won't be speaking this year, but I will be around intermittently.

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