Bill Bumgarner



Last night I woke at 3:30am for no apparent reason. A few seconds after waking up, the house moved a bit, accompanied by a low rumble and the clicking/popping of lots of wood moving around in ways it hasn't for quite a while.

Neat. Earthquake. Very, very minor earthquake, but the first 'quake I have been concious for (I slept through quakes in Conecticutt and Missouri).

Out of curiosity, I pretty much immediately browsed the USGS recent earthquakes map for our area. The page had already been updated with the quake info. This was less than 5 minutes after the quake.

Pretty impressive.

It is interesting to note that the screenshot above shows 2 separate 3.x level events whereas the master site now shows a single 3.x level event (and some tiny aftershocks). The version info documents the ongoing analysis of the event. These links will take you to event specifics: foreshock and main event.

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