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Monday, September 23, 2002

blogrolls. I've been hearing a lot about FOAF, which is an acronym for Friend Of A Friend. It's an RDF-based file format that lets you walk a network of people who are friends. It's a lot like a network of blogrolls.   [Scripting News]
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Another way to debug your SOAP / XMLRPC servers.

Dave Bryson tells me that Apache Axis includes a utility called tcpmon, which performs a similar task to my XML-RPC debugging proxy, except with a nice GUI.  Cool!

[Python Community Server: Noteblog]
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Great new service: Phillip Pearson has added RSS support to his Comment Monitor, enabling anyone to use RSS to keep up with new comments posted to a Radio Userland weblog. [Workbench]
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Interesting uses for xmlStorageSystem wanted.

Dave Bryson asks: Is there a point to having such a multitude of xmlStorageSystem servers?

We're about to have four servers that implement the xmlStorageSystem API (RCS, PyCSphpStorageSystem and Dave's new JCS - or is that xmlStorageServer?), however there is currently only one application for them: hosting weblogs (produced by Radio, bzero or transtator).  More wanted.

[Python Community Server: Noteblog]
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