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Tuesday, 17 September 2002

Dave Bryson asks: Is there a point to having such a multitude of xmlStorageSystem servers?

We're about to have four servers that implement the xmlStorageSystem API (RCS, PyCSphpStorageSystem and Dave's new JCS - or is that xmlStorageServer?), however there is currently only one application for them: hosting weblogs (produced by Radio, bzero or transtator).  More wanted.

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Dave Bryson tells me that Apache Axis includes a utility called tcpmon, which performs a similar task to my XML-RPC debugging proxy, except with a nice GUI.  Cool!

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Hmm.  The Mono project has decided to use winelib to implement System.Windows.Forms (the .NET UI library), rather than making wrappers for all the underlying windowing libraries.

Implementing a Gtk, Qt or Aqua based version of Winforms was going to be almost as complex as implementing Wine itself. So the new strategy is to only roll out a WineLib-based implementation. [Mono Project News]

This will have interesting consequences.  Firstly, it will mean that the UI will probably be working reasonably soon on Windows, and secondly that .Net apps running on Linux will look like Windows apps running under Wine.  Is that a good thing?

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