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Sunday, December 01, 2002

Spent a half an hour at TWiki tonight.  Lots of cool features. It's dissapointing that every wiki seems to have it's own special markup language.  Beats HTML.  That goes a double for built in features such as ZWiki's Issue Tracker and TWiki's calander and Database integration.

I like that ZWiki has DTML & newer Zope replacements behind it, though.  Need to look at using the dtml-calender in a wiki.  Glad that most of those features are available through Zope in ZWiki. Wish there were more real world examples out there...

The idea of a wiki scripting language is enthralling.  TWiki seems to use their own, ZWiki relies on Zope.  Wonder how others, such as SushiWiki handle such.  Zopistas seem to cringe at DTML, and features to make quick hacks easier (dtml-set) were not accepted by Zope's BDFL...not sure the reasoning.  I imagine that that the WikiLinks and (proprietary markup) does for HTML, this script language could do for DHTML+Server Side logic.  Can you include PHP in a PHPWiki?  Ramble Ramble Ramble..

Rarely Related Rant: Don't keep empowering features out of a product if they cause security issues in a public arena.  [ Example ]  Turn them off, and put a big warning sign on turning them on.  Reasoning? Security is much less of an issue in an intranet, where these features make usability leaps. As an example: Registration requirements on a public site reduce traffic.  Intranets have an even smaller and busier audience to attract.  ZWiki happens to contain this "security hole" that is mentioned in the above link. There are many warnings, and the default settings do not expose it. Note: Neither ZWiki or Squishdot allow Javascript without changing the product code...anybody ever have the desire to add javascript to a blog entry, or other community message/document?

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DotNetGuy Extreme Programming, Comment Monitoring, Blogging thoughts

The DotNetGuy recommends Planning Extreme Programming.  Along these lines is the book Agile Software Development Ecosystems.

He's got XML feeds to his comments. :-)  I need to add a link to the similar comment monitor functionality on my site.

Played with BlogStreet a bit this weekend. More later, if it's relevant, when my site submission means something.

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