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I've hacked together the PyDS WikiTool to act as a single-user version of your standard Wiki (say, MoinMoin). If you don't use PyDS, but are interested in how I wrote a reST-based Wiki, feel free to Steal My Code.


WikiTool is now part of the CVS version of PyDS. I have some changes to make to merge Georg's changes into mine, so for the time being the CVS and my downloadable version are somewhat forked. Georg's has RSS, mine has subnodes. My advice: stick to the CVS version.

Every time I change it and test it, I update this public version of Be warned, however: it's often broken or in flux. IT IS CURRENTLY UNSTABLE. I'll also manually copy it to from time to time when I think it's stable, but I might forget to do so for days at a time. See Recent Changes for details on what changes are in what version.


I've always found Wiki editing a lot easier than writing web pages the standard way — it's more like tunneling out the content, a metaphor that should be familiar with any MUSH users out there who've used @dig more times than they care to remember.


The WikiTool is implemented as a normal tool. It's hooked into PyDS' reStructuredText parser by offering a getCloudUrlMatchingStrayLink method.

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Garth is testing PyDS rather more extensively than at first he thought he would.

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