The naïve pythoneer

More or less useful python rants?



Ok, this is what publishing is all about. Even I, with my meager knowledge of bloging, can manage this. And to think I've spent the best part of two years in php hell programming a publishing system. Oh well, those days are gone and soon forgotten.
When I start out on something like this, I always have high hopes and a good deal of confidence in my self. Then I let it slide into oblivion. It's not like it's work related or anything you know. If it was work related then it would be no problem. This I do for fun, and the fun has a tendency to sour. Why? Because I've got a busy mind, there's always something else to occupy my time.
On the bright side, python is here to stay. I cleared up the attic on the left hand side of my head and it fits snuggly. So maybe, just maybe, this time I'll follow through....
Anyways, for those of you who's still with me, I'm truly sorry to have wasted your time.

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