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One week into the blogging project and I'm already falling behind. The story of my life I'm afraid. Today, I finally got around to update the interface of my "ifoqus personal client" applicaton on MacOSX. Had it running on Linux and Windows beforehand, but I only recently managed to build a resonably bug free PyQt on OSX. Looks beautiful though. Trolltech knows what they are doing.

My back hurts. Nothing new there. Since my back is hurting so much, it's hard to concentrate on real work TM. So I get time to spend updating the blog. Isn't that nice?

Only yesterday I completed a project writing a techinical document for *stuff* at work. I had meant to look in to reStructuredText for some time, and this gave me an opportunity to do so. What can I say? I'm impressed! Downloaded the latest Docutils version from sourceforge and browsed the documentation for five to ten minutes. Sure, I made some mistakes early on with indents and new-lines and such, but the result is smashing! Hacked up a .css with the company logo and ran on the whole shebang. Out came a .html document ready for publishing. Same thing with XML, a bit on the verbose side but the document validates perfectly. One nice feature of MacOSX is the print-to-pdf option in every print dialog. By a lucky stroke of fate the document I had written was a perfect fit for the print-to-pdf feature. I've created pdf's of other web pages where I was not so lucky.

As happy as I am about Docutils, it seems other people are not as happy. While discovering more about Docutils and reST in general I stubled upon this discussion. Reading through it, I came across this post. Now, I've got nothing but respect for Mr. Lundh, beeing of the brother people and all, but boy did he get up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. I won't dvelve to much on this subject other than to say *duh!*.

Anyways, in other news A R S E N A L beat the crap out of Inter Milan, and all the people rejoiced. Suddenly Arsenal is a contender for the Champions League title..oh well, when pigs fly and so on..

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