Friday, October 17, 2003

Looks like I'll have to pick up a dockable iPod now. The media reader will be much more convenient to haul around than a powerbook. And it means a vacation without a computer-- but with a digital camera-- will actually be possible.

The new version of iTunes and the iTunes Music Store has a couple of additional features that weren't mentioned in the Moscone Event today.

  • The Importing preferences pane now has a "Use error correction when reading Audio CDs" option.
  • Burning has been upgraded significantly. Longer-than-target-media playlists can be burned to multiple CDs or DVDs. It will be interesting to see/hear how the disc breaks are chosen. Also, burning now features optional Sound Check to ensure that volume levels per track remains consistent.
  • You can drag an item out of the store and it drags as an URL. Makes making a Listen to This Cool Stuff type weblog post a lot easier than using a packet sniffer to figure out the URL!
  • You can also use the Link Maker to create HTML fragments containing the link. It supports links by album, artist, or song. Quite the slick little web app.

Speaking of cool stuff....

Tori Amos is well represented in the store. One track sticks out. BT did a wonderful mix of Blue Skies (Never seen party of five and don't care to...).

Gabriel and Dresden -- an amazing DJ duo -- remixed Annie Lennox's latest work. Pavement Cracks is an excellent track anyway and G&D do an amazing job of taking it apart and putting it back together again.

There is also a G&D remix of a Jewel track, but I haven't heard it yet. More likely than not, it is excellent as well. I would preview the track, but my computer isn't doing that sound output thing right now (been dropped one time too many).
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