Saturday, October 25, 2003

Bob Ippolito has figured out how to embed a Python interpreter in Xcode. It uses PyObjC and, as such, effectively gives you an embedded ObjC interpreter.

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This is just a post to point to Mark's notes on all that is new in Panther.
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As of OS X 10.3, now supports certificates. This writeup provides a very clear set of instructions on how to obtain a personal digital certificate. I also registered for, and received, an Thawte certificate. A number of generally clueful folk that I trust also trust Thawte.

Thanks to Tim for pointing to Joar's writeup.

Now, I need to find a certificate notary in the South Bay area.
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Panther has left the building. I was at the Valley Fair store for the Panther launch this evening. It is always a rush to see a customer take your product home with a smile on their face!

Now that Panther is shipping, this also means that I can actually start posting code again!

First up?

An updated readline module that works just dandy with the Python 2.3 that shipped with Panther.

Source for the module is available. It is just a copy of the readline.c module from Python 2.3 that is broken out into its own standalone distutils based project. You will need the readline library to build it.

Or you can just grab the binary and install that directly. It statically links against the readline library, so no need to install anything else. To install:

curl |
    gzip -d -c > /tmp/
sudo cp /tmp/ /Library/Python/2.3/

PyObjC works fine on Panther, but doesn't support some of the new features found in Cocoa. I have some changes that offer better support for the Cocoa Controller Layer and provide better Xcode project templates that are optimized for use with the vastly improved Python distribution included in Panther.
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