Thursday, October 30, 2003

O'Reilly Speaker
I gave a presentation on PyObjC today at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference.

Keynote did a good job of converting the presentation to PDF. The presentation can also be downloaded from my public iDisk (bbum).

PyObjC recently past the 1.0 milestone. In the days since the release of 1.0 and Panther, there has been significant bug fixes and new work within the PyObjC source trees. If you are doing work on Panther, considering upgrading to the latest CVS checked out code. The PyObjC project has an excellent unit testing suite and, as such, the CVS code is generally very stable (the biggest problem has been commits that break prior releases of OS X or GNUStep).

In particular, patches have been committed that add better support for class methods in certain contexts, improve support for the Controller Layer that is new in Panther/Cocoa, OpenGL support, and a number of other improvements and/or bugfixes.

During the presentation, I mentioned a number of excellent Python resources; mostly mac centric. I thought I would rehash them here as others may find this useful.

Mac Python
The Mac Python web site contains a ton of great resources, including a package that completes the Mac support within the Python distributed with Panther.
An excellent resource for developers new to Cocoa or to PyObjC. Contains a lot of useful info in and of itself and links to many other useful resources.
Mac OS X Python Resources
Site contains a load of links to other useful sites. It also contains a moin moin
with a wealth of projects and information related to PyObjC and Python on the mac.
Chat Rooms
The "CocoaDev" and "MacPython" chat rooms are often populated by various members of their respective communities that can be quite helpful.

Update: I fixed the filename on the PDF presentation such that the download URL is now correct.
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