Thursday, April 25, 2002

By God! Why does Internet Explorer suck so bad??? It is like the engineering team designed it to be frustrating for the user! I just tried to select a paragraph of text on a basic web page. But NO! Can't do that-- instead, I can either select one word or all words to beginning of page prior to the one I happen to click on even though that spans many tables, etc. I have to effectively take a screen shot to be able to preserve the contents of the page (as trying to print would cause the URL to be reloaded and, thereby, destroy the state of the page).


(The only reason I'm not using OmniWeb at the moment is because it has a very annoying bug where OW does not cache images downloaded via SSL. Instead, it re-requests each image again and again. Painfully slow. But at least with OmniWeb, this is both a relatively new problem and there is some hope it'll be fixed in the near future.)

Rant over...
11:29:03 AM