Friday, April 26, 2002

CompUSA's extended warranties rock. See my previous post (a week ago or so) for a description of what went wrong with my TiBook.

CompUSA evaluated all that was wrong with the machine and decided to replace it. Since they don't actually keep a stock of obsoleted models around for the purpose of replacement, they replaced my TiBook with an 'equivalent' current model.

As such, my loaded 500mhz machine from last year was replaced with a loaded 667mhz machine today. The definition of loaded has changed over the last year and a month; 256MB of ram is now 512MB, 20GB HD is now 30GB, DVD player is now a DVD/CDRW combo drive and the machine came with an airport card (the original didn't).

And I get to keep the original charger and cable set...

Given that repairs would have run around $2,500 (new display, new motherboard, new case + lots and lots of labor) and the new machine is around $3,000, that $500 3 year warranty I picked up with the original machine just paid for itself in spades!

Since the machine was replaced, I had to buy a new extended warranty. A slight bummer, but-- frankly-- I really can't find it within me to complain given the quality of service and the total painlessness with which it was delivered.

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