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Friday, 6 December 2002

John Robb:

Mikel continues to push forward Radio's ability to serve as an easy to customize digital dashboard with his tool:   myRadio Nuggets.  With this tool you can make posts (or publish a stand-alone page using Radio's "stories" menu) that include stock quotes, weather data, ebay auction data, and Fedex tracking info (he promises that more is on the way).  Very cool indeed.  If you liked myYahoo, this is the start of a myYahoo on steroids. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

Interesting.  I wonder if this would help with the trouble I had a while back of editing bits of templates via stories (to make Manila-style trivially-user-editable templates in Radio).

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IE's DOM Inspector [techno weenie]:

IEDocMon is an IE Explorer bar that lets you explore the DOM of a web page. via SanJay's....

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