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Wednesday, 11 December 2002

Rob Fahrni introduces PowerBlog 1.0:

It's finished. Version 1.0 of PowerBlog has left the building, without much fanfare mind you! I jumped up to the site today since I hadn't heard anything in a while and noticed it went gold on 12/6, DOH!Congratulations Jon, and great job! [Rob Fahrni, at the core.]

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Matt Mower on news aggregators:

A wishlist for my news Aggregator (currently Radio):

I want to be able to specify how long items stay in the aggregator on a per-feed basis.   At the moment you configure this once and every feed gets that setting.  Some feeds contain things that I know I have to think long and hard about, others contain ephemera that, if I don't comment straight away, I probably never will.  Allow me to make that decision and make the aggregator more effective.

Allow me to combine feeds together into channels.  Let me display & manage each channel independently.  Let me use topic metadata to combine feeds dynamically into channels.

Allow me to filter posts and prioritize posts using topic metadata.  Right now every feed and every post has equal priority, the only factor is "freshness".  Let me specify key metadata that shows what I think is most important (a scoring system maybe?)

Give me a quick 1-click means of deleting all the posts in a view

[Curiouser and curiouser!]

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Pete Cole has written a Blog Browser too (note to self: put a link on myelin.co.nz/gazer):

OK - there's a Blog Browser available in Zeepe Applications. Dave Winer is still working on the definition of files.xml so this may or may not work at the time of reading this if his format has changed and the software hasn't caught up yet.

The format is a little tricky because it just lists all archived files via pathnames, with no information within the xml as to what the file pointed to contains. Currently the Blog Browser assumes that anything stored in a directory 'posts' or 'archives' (because two different systems are using different conventions) is a weblog archive and that the year and month are encoded in the path name as yyyy/m.xml.

If anyone can tell me I'm being daft and there's a really easy way to tell what's what, then I'll be glad to know.

[Pete Cole's weblog.]

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