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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Egads! Useless Python has retired!

I encountered this site first coming to Python and the humility and community spirit surrounding it struck a pleasant chord with me. Rob noted that the Python Cookbook fills the majority of the need.  Perhaps, but it's rather hard to see the fun in a site this polished. Rob: Thank you for this peice of Python history. I hope your endeavors are a little less clouded with Useless Python basking in a Floridian sun. Here's looking forward to your next Pythonic venture.

Why did I go searching for something at Useless Python? In digging for some example twisted code to fire up a simple proxy server then add interesting stuff (ref. Jon Udell), I intended to head over to Useless Python and find my starting point. Most of the stuff I had currently come across was beyond the first stage I was looking for, or required spelunking the remaining twisted API basics. I felt rather like this.  In digging at the proxy doc's I see I'll have to go digging at the basics as making an HTTPFactory a listener on a port 'as usual', is quite unusable for this n00b.

If you were to suggest to Jon Udell he post his proxy+mxTidy twisted recipe somewhere...where would you suggest? His blog, Twisted, Python Cookbook, Vaults of Parnassus...?

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