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Friday, May 28, 2004

Very fun thread on the Python Firework.

A few submissions from my history:

  • COBOL: A fully automatic cap gun. Does it's job, quite understandable, pain to load, tedium makes it quickly uninteresting.
  • Old School BASIC: Simple fountains. POKE them in the side to make it interesting, or gibberish and quite sporatic.
  • dBase: Snap-Pops. Works fine. Sure, you can tie a bunch together to make a somewhat powerful app, kind of like putting them under a toilet seat (tee-hee), but it's sure a pain in the
  • DOS Batch: Jumping jacks. Quick fix, tied together you should probably be ready to run, and expect a few duds.

Modern languages have already been covered....wait....there is one:

  • XML: Static pictures drawn from colored fireworks. Pretty, looks way customizable, everyone likes it, but IT"S NOT A FIREWORK--there's no BANG, It's not a Language...sorry, got a bit carried away. Kinda like kids who wrote ANSI-Mations and claimed it was programming. Not something to rant about, but one does make mistakes.


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