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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I wish I could remember where I clicked this from, but I saved it due to this line:

The golden rule of programming has always been that clarity and correctness matter much more than the utmost speed. Very few people will argue with that. And yet do we really believe it? If we did, then 99% of all programs would be written in something like Python. - James Hague

Such is reality.  Now to learn how to build mental callousness to the reality of coded cleverness, grand organizational and pattern schemes pilfered with 3 line functions, all embodied in auto-typed documentation headers reading completely as "Summary of ClassName".

I can't buy a micro-sized economy car for fear of the 4 wheel-drive gargantuans zinging around central Wisconsin and into my family. But today, to spite them all, I drove my face-in-the-windshield speed-limit-cruising designed for simplicty 1973 Volkswagen Bus to work. :-)

"When a box-on-wheels is the basic need, a box-on-wheels is the perfect answer." - Heinrich Nordhoff

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