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Saturday, May 29, 2004

I think I came to "10:00 am - A Hundred Musts And A Should Or Two" via Artima Buzz. It rings with the dischord I've heard throughout my career, and find the Scrum folks testifying freedom from at the unshackled organ. Great writing, Ben.  Windows users might also want to catch the ActivePython notes regarding process interrupting and version upkeep. The LiveJournal python-dev group holds quite a list. Have I overlooked an aggregated view?

<snip>rant on similar usage of "would be nice", "that'd be good", and other apparent un-documentables, followed by disenchanted baffle over Scrum (yearly redemption required) certification.  Maybe more on that later.  Criticize in private...wait for a reply...</snip>

And for what it's worth, the Google News Alert I subscribed to has yielded very few results, and removing the Google News button on the googlebar is a worthy measure in reducing information addiction.  Did you have any different results, Jarno? ...and even though your blog has MOVED, it was fun digging up that link searching for various items entitled "Python owns object."

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