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Web Archetypes and OS X

Thursday, February 6, 2003

This message from UserLand really bugs me for some reason. My Radio UserLand DWHP Status Center now reports that:

Serial Number: 26 days remaining. Click here to enter your renewal code. Renewing your license costs less than $40. We accept all major credit cards. Why delay? Renew today!"

After seeing the message, I lifted Radio's hood and noticed that my serial number in Radio.root had vanished. I suspected that it would have quit working without one. So, I retrieved my serial number and I was able to replace it. I have my Radio.root file open to insure that my serial number hangs in there.

In reading Roger's Workbench yesterday, I cannot help but ask myself questions about where Radio is heading. I do get updates, as Roger mentions in his post, yet the version number remains at 8.0.8 (the same version release which was delivered last year). Could this be an UserLand acknowledgment that they are focused on addressing a Radio "bug list"? I don't know. I have other questions as well; such as:

Where is Radio UserLand headed?

What is in store for version 9.0?

Has a course been charted?

Is there a driver at the wheel?

I hear a lot about RSS 2.0, is this the focal point? If news aggregation is the focus, there is some very stiff competition. Of course, Radio is not my baby, so I guess some would argue that it does not concern me. Yet, Radio runs on my laptop and I would like to continue to run use this special tool. But, before I put my money on the table I would like to know where Radio is going.

Where is the focus? The news aggregator and RSS 2.0? The outliner? A shared outline? The Buddy List? Could it be the backup utility? Instant messaging? Or, is Radio development in maintenance mode only? Anyway, it seems to me that the DWHP Status Center would better serve the Radio Community-at-Large if it pointed Radio users to a roadmap for the Radio trip. Can we see the map, please? Or should we just mind our Ps and Qs and stay in the trunk? If so, I will opt-out of my Radio renewal.
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