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Web Archetypes and OS X

Sunday, February 23, 2003

via raelity bytes: "As promised, I've wrapped up another bundle of Blosxom joy this weekend... Blosxom 2.0 beta *2*. For a complete list of changes since beta 1, read my posting to blosxom@yahoogroups."

The Blosxom community is "busting loose"! The ideas are flowing and there is some great synergy happening.
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Perl Factoid; Ken MacLeod's Frontier::RPC was the first third-party implementation of the XML-RPC protocol. Date: November 1999.

It looks like Frontier::RPC taps the resources of other Perl modules includung, Data::Dumper, MIME::Base64, MD5, HTML::Parser, XML::Parser, and various modules from the LWP suite. Since I just recently picked up "Learning Perl" to help me in my exploration of Blosxom, I really don't know where to begin. Well, Yoda may tell me, "The following links absorb you must; before moving forward."

LWP Suite

Hmmm... any other perls of wisdom?
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As the regulars know, I have been playing with Blosxom a lot lately, and now that Rael has incorporated "plug-ins" I have been wondering if a plug-in could be hacked that would allow a Blosxom weblog to participate in a PyCS community. What do you think?

Radio's new backup feature may make it easy to transition to Blosxom. I will be experimenting some this week. I really like being a part of the PyCS community. Phil and Georg continue to make things interesting. And you cannot beat the topics covered by Rogers, Dean and the others. To all of those looking for a home, we welcome you to consider making the PyCS your new home. :-)

Update: Thanks, Phil; for your suggestions and the flow. Who knows, maybe we can help make this happen.
5:36:21 PM    The Soapbox

via Zope Europe: "Moztop is a tool to let Site Developers build websites for Zope 3. It is written in Mozilla using XUL, JavaScript, and RDF. With it, you will be able to fulfill the goals of Zope 3's Through the Web Development proposal."

Looks like the open-source tool Mozilla continues to be used in some very innovative ways. The Zope Europe team is working to bring Zope admin capabilities to the a Gecko-based application. Mozilla.org's XUL and the power of Zope makes an interesting combination.
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