Sunday, March 3, 2002

Turns out that the 'infoLithium' batteries used in Sony digital cameras can only deal with about 300 charge/discharge cycles. Worse- if you discharge a battery slightly and then recharge (or simply stick the battery in the charger to 'top it off') it, that counts as a cycle.

So, I now have 3 batteries for my digital camera (an F505 -- first generation of the series that has led to the amazing 707) that no longer hold a charge. It looks like the only choice is to replace the batteries. Unfortunately, the batteries cost something on the order of $50+ each because of the 'info' part of their name (they have a chip inside that reports the # of minutes of charge left... it is horribly inaccurate and basically useless).


What a drag.
6:51:15 PM  pontificate