Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Adam Curry writes about using his iBook in the bathroom via the wonders of WiFi. Slogan? Can't do that, but your iBook will forever be known as the Dump Terminal.

"You can't take a web page with you to the bathroom".

Ha! Not only does WiFi deliver on that promise, I took a photo to proove it as I read the Salon piece (Thanks Christina, for getting Daddy's camera and not asking questions) in my downstairs bathroom. A picture named acWc.jpeg

I do this everyday mind you, and I find using my iBook accretive to my overall experience....

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DigiChapman says the following about the OS X 'review' I posted a while ago:

I'm reading a so-called review of OS X this morning. What a big steaming pile of kaka.

What's worse is that Dave points to this. A disconnect for me. It's not a well-written review. It's not a review at all. It's a he-said-I-said blather about nothing. No content, no substance.

It was never written as a review-- it was a conversation between Nicholas Riley and I regarding different experiences with the system.

Actually, I thought it was odd that it was ever called a review and even funnier that someone would slam the-thing-that-is-not-a-review as being a bad review.

(And, no, I'm not offended. Not at all. If anything, I hope DigiChapman gives feedback on RadioService as he certainly doesn't temper his opinions.)
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Question of my Radio Day: How do I create links to stories and categories that will work across content upstreamed to the Radio cloud, to the local filesystem and via WebDAV?
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