Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Currently on the train.... sitting across from a group of very nice gentleman who have been commuting this very same path [NYC to beyond-Norwalk-CT on Metro North] for 25+ years each.

Oh, the stories that they tell...
.... I hope that I never relive any of them.
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So-- I now have wxpython-wxgtk installed on OS X under XFree86 all courtesy of Fink (the wxpython-wxgtk package in Fink is slightly broken; Mail me if you want an easy workaround. Actually, looking at this, it seems that there is now a native wx available. I wonder if wxpython-wxgtk will build against it?

The next step is try out Python Card.

Nuts. It lacks a standard packaging scheme. Have to install it by hand (it also says something about line endings).

And it works. Cool. I'm missing the SOAP package for Python, but the rest of the examples mostly seem to work. The SourceForge Tracker never displays anything. Fonts are kind of small/fuzzy in some contexts.
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