Wednesday, January 15, 2003


SourceForge's pserver and webcvs access to the project repositories is currently down.

I had no idea how much I use SF's repositories on a regular basis until now. I have probably a dozen or so different SF hosted projects for which I keep a local CVS repository up to date on a semi regular basis. Mostly, I use these for reference purposes, but also to keep active track of changes to some projects.

The WebCVS interface has also proven quite useful. I have quite a number of ChangeLog WebCVS pages for various random projects bookmarked.

This also means that Fink's 'selfupdate-cvs' command is not currently working.

Sometimes, the value of something can only be appreciated when it is taken away...

Fortunately, SF says they'll have pserver/webcvs back up and running today.
3:04:14 PM  pontificate