Monday, January 20, 2003

D'Arcy Norman mocked up a cool UI that combines the best of tabbed browsing (multiple pages open in a single window) with Safari's bookmarks UI.

For whatever reason, D'Arcy chose my 'blog as the content part of his screenshot. Thanks! Seriously -- Thanks!

I had been wondering why the non-referral hit count (if you are reading this well after 01-Jan-2003, it'll likely have dropped back to the normal rate of *maybe* ten a day for the root page) on the blog had gone through the roof recently. More so than normally happens with a software release. I believe D'Arcy's post contributed greatly.

So -- if you are coming from that screenshot, Welcome!

If you are interested in Python on OS X, Cocoa, random rants about the OS X platform (or other platforms, occasionally), and the occasional personal note or random picture, the archives may be of interest. Maybe.
11:50:40 PM  pontificate