Sunday, January 19, 2003

I finally had the chance to fix my Squirrel Flipper bird feeder. Truly the only squirrel proof feeder I have found. As long as the damned squirrels don't knock it down.

It had a bad connection after a squirrel knocked it off its hook and onto my deck where the feeder proceeded to spin on its side until all of the bird seed had come out and been mushed into the deck. I still have a sunflower oil stain on the deck.

As I had been using the flipper as a normal bird feeder for a few months, the squirrels in my yard are now thoroughly confused. A ready source of food is now fighting back!

BTW: I actually do feed the squirrels. They have their own logs of compressed corn. I just don't like it when the squirrels destroy a feeder or my house. Nor do I like it when the little buggers chew through lots of expensive bird food when they have their own feeder.
12:58:58 PM  pontificate