Friday, January 17, 2003

I had long used OmniWeb as my browser of choice or, after Chimera/Navigator matured a bit, to manage all of my bookmarks.

Recently Safari has quickly become my browser of choice and I quite like Safari's bookmark manager. Maybe not as much as OmniWeb's, but enough such that I would prefer to use it over switching between applications.

As such, I created an application (410k disk image) to import OmniWeb bookmarks into Safari. It also preserves the hierarchy of the bookmarks upon import and can import however many bookmark files you might have.

It is a Cocoa application implement entirely in Python using the PyObjC bridge. The bridge is included in the app wrapper-- a more recent build than 0.8-- and the app should just work on any OS X 10.2 system.

Because it is written in Python, the source is effectively included. See the source file found in the app wrapper. It is neither elegant nor does it attempt o be overly efficient.

If it works for you, let me know -- it worked for me and it has worked for at least one other person.

Also, Omni is running a post-MacWorld special on all their products. OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle are both best-of-breed applications (OmniGraffle makes Visio look like a sick joke). OmniGraffle, in particular, is both an incredible tool and incredibly cheap.
11:55:27 AM  pontificate