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Tuesday, September 17, 2002
Titles are back:

Got the titles back.  

Think I may have encountered a bug.  The title of this post is: Titles are back: "Found a bug?" .. lets see how it posts.

It posted fine, until I edited it...

11:56:46 AM    Your 2 cents... Currently.  

Todo: Get Title's back in my items.

8:40:49 AM    Your 2 cents... Currently.  

My son's favorite laptop. Pronounced

EyeBook.JPGMy son's favorite laptop. Pronounced : "AiyBoohk"

We found this one in a box of books in the attic.


Note: The "my eye, your eye" game may just get you a chubby little two year old finger in the eye, but it's certainly worth it.

8:37:03 AM    Your 2 cents... Currently.  

Stomp Out Lethargy

Sunday was a wonderfully fun Holiday-ish day where we put all our weekend to-do list on hold and headed off to Madison Half-Price book store.  I've heard wonderful stories of Techie's finding prize books there. Not today. But I did take a trip down nostalgia lane and buy a $2 copy of Falcon 3.0 for the $3 USB joystick I got at a garage sale the day before...wonder if it will work on WinME.  Heh!  My wife did find a number of books in here interest zone (fiction, literature, eclectic), and the boys had a great time in the children's section.

I spent the enjoyable lazy day planning and blogging in my head.  I'll speculate that 40% of these make it to discussions with my wife.  15% of the blogs in my head will make it to the blog.

Sunday night I stayed up too late finishing the Python-URL! (Sorry, that's as direct a link as I can get.)

Monday I struggled to keep productive during the day, and came home to complete my Sunday tasks and blogging...and then it hit me.  The scanner's power cable was no where to be found (along with my keys), my personal and blog sites are down, and I need to plan for the upcoming weekend company and errand to Minnesota.  Time to work on something else.  The things I should have done last weekend.  The things I want to do tonight.  By now (8:45) the boys are not going to sleep and crabbing at least every 10 minutes, and Lethargy has set in deep.  Should I escape to work and leave my wife with the boys? No.  I don't have my keys so I couldn't have anyway.  Why am I craving a Mountain Dew?  I'll run to the store and pick one up. Bring Evan. Tell Tam we're going for a ride. Dang, Ike heard me. He's coming with now, and I must ask Tam to ride along so I can leave sleeping (hopefully) boys in the car.

11:15.  Sleeping Boys.  3 chapters of "Software Craftmanship" down.  Falling alseep in a Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

8:33:22 AM    Your 2 cents... Currently.  

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