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Tuesday, October 01, 2002
Dive Into Linkin Blogs

Mark "Dive into Python" Pilgrim is celebrating a personal anniversary for an unfortunate but silver lining event in his life.  He would like us to raise the virtual/electronic mug-o-google-juice for a toast and link to said article.  Kampai! (Take heed of the respect, my rim is lower than his.)

Now...let's see if I can help myself get noticed: got cat pics? Lydia (O Lydia...) 9 weeks - polydactyl and dang smart! Daniel (Striped Tiger) 12 weeks - playful lapcat

Looking forward to OS X Zope commentary...maybe even a link to the currently slightly silent Zope on OS X Portal and Mailing List. The top billing for a search on Zopeis...a...Ellen Feiss...GET THESE BANJO'S OUT OF MY HEAD!

Read the resume. The consulting company support WebObjects, WebObjects is not listed on the resume. I was going to make a crack about no WebObjects books at Amazon, but it seems that since late 2001 there are 3.

Looking forward to hearing about why Mark's adiment about the GPL. Is "Dive Into" trademarked yet?
The accessibility stuff was cool.
Wonder if there are silly games out there trying to be the first to get certain blog-elebrities to link to your blog. Sort of demented triangulation-caching...
11:51:26 PM    Your 2 cents... Currently.  

[Macro error: The file "C:\Program Files\Radio UserLand\www\#prefs.txt" wasn't found.]

Got that one, this Oct. 1.   I think the root of it may be that the Oct. (.../www/2002/10) folder didn't exist.

"It just went away" (after a humiliating email to Phillip, thanks, especially for the proper google search phrase)

Also, I edited a september post and saved it. 

10:22:00 PM    Your 2 cents... Currently.  

this morning's attempts to post responded with a 'could not find #prefs.txt' error. Upon googleing for #prefs.txt, I learn that it's sorta a hidden file.   It's all so clear now....
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DoubleRailing.JPG The previous ownwers of our house put in a second railing for their children. Much appreciated.

I added a car's rear view mirror to our mailbox. MailBoxMirror.jpg


60 mph winds last night and thunder and tornado warnings.  Spent a lazy evening watching CSI:Miami.   Entertaining recipe:  Two scoops of "interesting...", three helpings of "I knew that", 1 shot of "wonder if I could do that...."

8:07:20 AM    Your 2 cents... Currently.  

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