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Friday, September 27, 2002

"On 14-Jul-2002, a relatively characterless PIII-450 in Tokyo returned the winning key to the distributed.net keyservers. The key 0x63DE7DC154F4D039 produces the plaintext output:

The unknown message is: some things are better left unread"

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Thesaurus Meditation

New experiment with Categories: Thesaurus Meditation.


Discernment is an important skill.  There are certain words that when grouped in twos or threes make up a ponderous meditation.

These are easily remembered and can be turned over in your mind and handily pondered between tasks. In an elevator, waiting...replace humming a tune with considering these words.

I hope to post a few a week.

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reStructuredText - what I should be working on...

I've started a discussion about reStructuredText at ZWiki ( http://zwiki.org/reStructuredText ) and should be experimenting with it now. (As you can tell, my "BlogLater" links page is getting flushed...)

Phil: Bring it on!

Your comments on an HTML-->reST coding effort would be appreciated.  It might help on many fronts, but defenitely a spotlight I'm hesitant to stick my non-elite coder self into.

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SPAM Museum review in the Chicago Tribune

Good review of that hunky-dorey 1 to 3 hour free entertainment spot (with Monty Python SPAM skit display two!) right off of I-90 in Austin, Minnesota.

When you start smelling cooked bacon, look for the witty billboards.

(sorry for the silly registration.)

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Decryption in 30 minutes or less !

Mailing lists are incredible.  A Python encryption contest was won in 30 minutes.

I guess it was a puzzle...but their was a prize.

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Why Johny Can't Klog

(And write, sing, make a speech, submit code to an open source project, reply to that CEO memo or TAKE A RISK.)

I'm a firm believer that keeping reality and expectation in balance is important.

This does represent most of the unnamed reasons "I just don't know what to write about" .. "I don't have anything others are interested in" ... "I don't come across anything."

I am almost cynical about the lack of reading our world, which does have also has a significant affect on writing skills.

For klogging in particular, the spotlight does shine brighter.  And taking the time to stop "working" and write a "story" of your experience also feels kinda odd.  3M gave their employees 20% of their time for personal R&D, are most employees willing to give their employees 60 minutes a week (12 mins a day...2.5% of a 40hr week.) ?  I hope so.  1 30 seconds of searching through a personal wiki today saved me 10 minutes of digging through code.

What keeps me from klogging, and blogging? Perfectionism. Most of the sentences in my blogs have been written half and a one times.  I rewrite the sentence halfway through.  Each post takes 3-10 minutes.  It's 10:08 .When 2 and a half blogs ago I looked at the clock and it ws 9:45.

...and if I hear ONE MORE CRACK about wooden shoes...

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Altoids sure make a prototype board look cool.

More from this site:  Screen Saver power drains. [ link ]

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uses for xmlstoragesystem

Blogging after 10 minutes of googling for xmlStorageSystem.

Lots-o-buzzwords and Radio/Frontier references...got bored so looked up uses for xmlstoragesystem  What do ya know...my name in lights.  There's a name for this condition: Googley-eyed. O yes Google, I guess I meant Googly-eyed.

Proving once again, Google loves blogs.  How soon till we see a new "webloogle" tab?

Use-o-the-day: Community Quote-O-The-Day.   Jarno had a good quote recently. I'd say that one pretty much holds true for most everything, but then again I'm a fairly skeptical guy, and get annoyed at people with blind trust in a brand....I was actually going to rant today that I have become too loyal to google. Something about google goggles or something...

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