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Thursday, September 19, 2002
Jeep-Bus? A.I.R.S. plug. Our dream container.

My Great Pumpkin

Q: What do you get when you cross a VW Bus with a Jeep?
A: "a very large glove box."

If you own a VW Transporter/Micro-bus/Wagon/Truck, be sure to check out Aircooled Interstate Rescue Squad. I've consistently heard great stories and recommendations.

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Hitchock's Sabotage

Tonight, we started the first of a series of Hitchcock classic films, with "Sabotage."

It was hard to find an appropriate link, the Title link leads to a Salon.com review.

I found the movie gripping, and satisfyingly balanced, in the primal morality emotions it evokes.  "Peopleware" is still sitting on top of the TV at the same page I opened it.

I also enjoyed "Uncle Chris" from "I Remember Mama", so that helped reel me in.

Thanks, Chris A., for lending me the movie, and showing a max-graphics version of Halo on an awsome Sony big screen.  Next time I'll have to remember Dramamine. 

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LA Zope User Group

This evening Simon responded to my biggest ZWiki upgrade problem via a wireless Zaurus at the LAZUG meeting. :-)  Looking up that site I was pleased to see meeting notes posted on their wiki.

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