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Thursday, September 04, 2003
Eat Rutabagas

While in the children's section of the Appleton Barnes and Noble, watching the boys play with a Thomas train set, Tamara looked through the reference section for children's educational books and spied Eat Rutabagas, by Jerry Apps. What it was doing in that section still baffles us, but I found the book very enjoyable and looked forward to reading it to children. I decided to buy it--heck, not only was it about Rutabagas, it was a first edition autographed copy and the publisher was from Wisconsin.

This book is the one or two paragraph a page with edge to edge illustrations quality elementary age children's book. The story is curious and humorously frank as you might expect from a cousin of Laura Ingalls Wilder with less strict parents. 

According to Mr. App's calendar, on Aug. 24th he was on a research trip. I wonder if he was at the Rutabaga Festival...

Other links: Amazon, Bookshelved Wiki

Also of note, the Wisconsin Book Festival.

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