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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Python Powered hyperlinks, Mailman, related testimony

Although the doc's for the Python Powered logo request that it link to python.org, I learned today why mailman doesn't link their attribution icons:

"The problem is that the GNU, Python, and Mailman folks get
way too many unrelated requests for unsubscription or other
membership issues, just because frustrated people will click
on anything to get their issue resolved." - Barry A. Warsaw, link

Good call. On the opposite end of the spectrum: My phone companies latest phone book has a service packages ad plastered across the back with no contact information. I proceeded to open the book to find the number, look through the list of tens of different categories for the right number (on page 2, appropriately after emergency info on page 1), and then reconsider my impulse purchase.

Park Info and direction at the Dell's Big Chief Kart's says "Call for hours" yet lists the phone number on a rotating banner, within 6 banners! You've got 2 seconds to remember "(608)254-2490"!

Tonight ebay's 'submit your username and p/w' page was incredibly slow for me. Apparently it only accepts username, not email address. OK fine, but I sure like the email and random send-it-to-me-when-I-need-it password approach to authentication. Another impulse appropriately put-off. :-)  I was willing to push anything to try to make the 2 minute bid deeadline, and after waiting 15 seconds for feedback, jumped back a page and tried it again, hit 5 to refresh, ad nauseum.

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