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Friday, September 05, 2003
Cat Toy Roundup

At some point I might kick off a "Grumpy Consumer" category to recount my annoyances in our post-Mom and Pop consumer industry, but I'd probably bluntly expose my own mistakes while riding on the fence-gate of libel.

We have cats. We have toys for them. The following is a list of what worked, didn't, and unsure.

  • Multi-media extravaganze $2 Shopko clearance. Cats looked at, walked away. Gave it to Abe's kitten and she loved it.
  • Enclosed ball in loop, center is coiled cardboad scratcher. Cats Loved it, we hear it sliding across the basement concrete add odd hours of the night. Carboard replacement is too expensive and doesn't look used anyway. Covered in cat hair--thrown out.
  • Feather and/or Catnip filled mice. Cats Love them. Drag them behind computer desk amidst cords...sigh. I throw them in the basement only to have them return upstairs.
  • Balls of multiple variety have been ignored.
  • Paper bags. Cats love them, but also plastic bags, and tend to find it not amusing when hauled around the house by a toddler in them. (More on toddlers below.) Catnip in the bottom didn't seem to help or hinder, although catnip in a small paper bag with folded top was amusing.
  • Floor to ceiling sitting post: They use it once in awhile, almost as much as the toddlers. It's now permanently in the basement.
  • Foot tall rope wrapped scratching post: Barely used. Ball on spring at top was amusement and conquer, now lost.  Wrapped it in carpet scraps in attempt at reviving to no avail. (Chris told me his cat also
  • Thomas the Tank Engine springy collapsible cloth childrens size train (sorry, no link. 5 minute search limit used up.). Cats love it. Sleep in it, tear it down, do battle in it, continue to climb in it when tore down.
  • Big Red Chair. Cats love it. Call it a scratching post.
  • Fish tank. Cat's like it, peer in top, edges around tank aren't wide enough.
  • Toddlers.  Cats are wary but tolerable. Not uncommon to find the cat coiled up near one in the morning.
  • Baby. Curious, yet run as soon as big smile and curious lunging hand evoked.
  • Each other. I've always had cats in pairs and can't imagine them any other way. Lydia calmed down immensely as soon as she got used to Daniel.

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