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Sunday, September 07, 2003
Typo embar--humiliation


Who needs a spell checker when your search hit referral log puts them in the spotlight?

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Palm based home-built Robot

Or, mechanical puppet, as they told me was the proper term for a non-self-sufficient robot.

Anyway, This Palm-brained robot has been covered years ago, but now as those Palm's are primarily shelf dust it might be time to pull them out. (Arg..I'm not good with ebay URL's, or even searches excluding accessories! What I found was Palm III's are $10-$40.)

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Recent Wiki articles

Linux Magazine Oct. `03 cover story on EmPy: "Wiki - Python coding with EmPy to produce your own Wiki"

O'ReillyNet personal wiki "VoodooPad" author Interview.

Simon Michael's "How to document your project with Zwiki"

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Rutabagas Considered Dangerous To Your Health?

On July 12, 2000, Adam Fouche reported that Rutabagas Kill You.

Chucklesome as that may appear, I checked my other source for credible news source and found NOTHING. Likewise on the international front. Either Mr. Fouche was correct and no one headed his warning in time, or there's a great rutabaga coverup solidly rooted within in our planet's ecosystem...

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Gentoo note of Python test for GCC Pentium 4 bug

Via the Gentoo Weekly News, Sep 1 `03:

"User Adam Dunstan was curious whether using -march=pentium4 on his GCC 3.2.3 Gentoo box was safe yet. List member Gabor replied with a cool Python trick that allows a user to quickly tell if his GCC compiler was affected by the -pentium4 bug."

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Head First Python?

The "book: Head First Java" thread in Python's EDU-SIG list gives hope to a Head First Python publication, including Guido's mention of Tim O'Reilly's interest in it.

Related: O'Reilly's Head First site.

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