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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Python eggs

The "Python eggs" site is nifty.

Watch it grow at the Wayback Machine.

(psst. Don't forget SpamBayes, and if not too much overkill, link that logo. ;-))

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Max, you made us proud.

We observe the nuclear habitat shortly after returning from "errands" and pulling down bowls for ice cream...    "Tam? Did you put Max [the baby turtle] back in his tank?"  "No..."  Fresh batteries are put in the flashlight and thus begins 'The Turtle Hunt.'  Observe the Father teaching his son Evan how cat's like to bring their master's, erm, dead stuff. They know right where to bite there prey and many times flail there heads thrashing said meal.  And if wasn't for us removing all the natural habitat we wouldn't be able to observe animals in this--wait, that's not quite right but some sort of threat I recall hearing near the end of every sleep inducing nature show.

Conclusion: Max curled up behind a couch. Cat's active yet kind of jumpy. Cat hair in Max's claws. Good job Max.

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Word for collaborationware? Bah. Wiki It!

Word Considered Harmful: Microsoft Word is a popular tool for creating documentation, but Word is often not the best tool. [Eric M. Burke]

Not just Ms. Word in the board room with the paper-clip, them overfalutin' VVerd Prospectors.  You know, the ones that...

  • Remind you that you rarely write letters to friends,
  • Shoot you a bullet when you wanted an dash,
  • Number your list starting with the next number from 5 pages ago, and
  • Set your indentations at a different measurement system per section (silly you for fiddling with that tab 4 pages ago!)
  • sticking you to correct a line of odd font you pasted in from 'dig my cursive email font' Jane from marketing, all the while...
  • locking up inthe middle of that second unsent email because you naively chose Word for your Outlook email editor!

Yes folks, theres nothing like a Wiki.  Instead of fighting with the 'helper' functions you can enter the brain stretching world of text formatting helpers and WikiName memory games all while retiring your Tab key into the CAPS and Scroll lock key retirement world of useless and annoying when attempted keys.

Bottomline: Wikis do what you say.  Word Processors mangle what you do.

+1 to those wiki's that allow HTML when your tired of 'simple' markup and [[freeform links]] when your words are more important than your memory.

Note: This post cannot be sung to the theme of the Beverlly Hillbillies. I just can't help humming it though when thinking that I'm quite content in my wiki world even though there's a rich froth of features down in that individualistic valley.

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