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Sunday, September 14, 2003
Infant stuff

A couple of our most favored baby accessories:

  • BebeSounds AngelCare Baby Movement Sensor. (search link) This device relieved much anxiety as our youngest sleeps stomach down, face nuzzled. Movement sensor board is so sensitive it shouldn't be placed near a fan. Definitely our techiest gadget in this arena.
  • Baby slings. (Tube/Pouch slings) My wife (and sometimes myself) are surprised at how supportive of the child and our back these fleece or cotten slings are. We tried a number of other baby back/front pack type things but found them to be unnerving in most aspects.
  • Modern cloth diapers. We tried the shop-cloth and pins just once on our first, and skeptically tried modern form fitting snap and velcro-oops, "aplix" attachers later. It was a night and day experience.One of the the most popular brands are Mother-ease which carry an up-front investment with surprising resale rates in the on-line market.

(I posted this to the Python aggregators as I've noticed a number of recent and upcoming births in that community.)

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RSS 2.0 wrapper

Via Uche's "State of the Python-XML Art"icle I latched onto the following:

"Andrew Dalke announced PyRSS2Gen, an RSS 2.0 generator for Python. Dalke developed it to be both highly compliant and to support a broad range of RSS features. See the announcement for more details."

Nifty. Downloaded the code, read it. Thought to myself "Hey, I should wrap this up for Zope", similar to ZGoogle, then proceeded to spend the weekend doing family stuff. By the time the weekend was done I had earned a number of good Dad points but no weekend hacker points.  When sitting to continue this evening I'm dead tired. Reading the link-less tidbit regarding XML and Zope 2.6.1 didn't help the motivation much, either.

Felt like posting a "what I did on my summer weekend" post, but leaving you with this, seeing PyRSS2Gen has not made the Daily Python-URL. (If anyone's interesed in Abba tapes drop me a note. That, among a few other tidbits, satisfied my urge to bid on massive quantities of the unknown at an auction I attended down the street.)

Uche's article also noted a previous "companion and update to that book [Python & XML] in an earier article.", of which includes some significant points on Chapter 4 DOM usage.

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Where's the upside down tiger?...."Freshers??"

A friend found the spinning upside-down tiger ad hilarious, and noted a spam message containing something like "it appears we accidentally have your email address in our database.."  I remembered that today when reading this gem coming through the Plone, Python and Zope Job Market RSS feed:

opportunity has knocked ur door in ass. Freshers are Invited. A progressive company offering online employment to telecommuters. Only limited positions available. Currently our company is hiring professsionals from India. You can be from any part of the country. You will be doing assignments for us, as per the instructions we send you. And will be get paid for the same. To know more about the Job log on the the website: http://www.imperialbiz.com/info.asp?id=246 [Plone, Python And Zope Job Market]

So I visited the site to see if "I wonder if they edit these out?" is true, and to my relief, the junk does seem to be minimal.

I wonder if the Python Job Board has an RSS feed.

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