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Monday, June 06, 2005

Our delusional Preznit

Lizzie "Fluffer" Bumiller, Girl Reporter, is at it again. She lets the following pass without comment:

"The idea of people expressing themselves in opposition in government, then getting a beating, is not our view of how a democracy ought to work," Mr. Bush said. "It's not the way that you have free elections."

(via NY Times )

Oh my. "Free elections," from the Chief Weasel who stole Election 2000. But let that pass. After all, I've gotten over that a long time ago.

What really spiked my B.S.S. was this: "The idea of people expressing themselves in opposition in government, then getting a beating, is not our view of how a democracy ought to work."

As usual, Bush insults as by assuming we have no memory at all. Remember people getting beaten up at Republican rallies during election 2004? Of course you do. (And if you don't, see especially here , for the smirk, but also here , and here . Then, of course, there are the people the Republicans get fired from their jobs . Or google "MBF watch" in the search box above.) Do you remember Bush saying one single word condeming his thugs? Of course not. And silence means consent. Bush sees it, and says nothing. That means he want it to happen.

The question I keep asking myself is this: Is Bush a liar, or has he gone so far beyond lying that He actually believes what he says?

NOTE We'll give Bush a free pass on His use of The Royal We ("not our view"), too.
- Lambert

10:03:01 PM    

The Friday-Night Presidency.

The Bush exploitation of late Friday afternoons was, at first, almost amusing. The White House was embracing a long-held practice in Washington: release bad news when reporters are less likely to be working, the night before the week's least-read edition of the newspaper.

But what was comical then became annoying. Then outrageous. Then scandalous.

On this past [...] [The Carpetbagger Report]
9:14:56 AM    

Locked Up Like Akon.

Mitch McConnell, the esteemed walking advertisement for pasty discomfort that represents Kentucky in the Senate, declared yesterday that America has the best prison system in the world.

I'm assuming that McConnell is conflating domestic prisons with Gitmo, which is problematic in and of itself - there's two sets of laws that govern each place, so saying that place A where you get a hearing, a trial and a conviction by jury makes place B where you don't get any of that better is a completely pointless statement. I also find the fact that we could reduce costs of imprisonment by hundreds of millions of dollars simply by not imprisoning non-violent drug offenders a major strike against our prison system.

Most tellingly, "the best" still isn't an excuse for the various indictments passed down upon the system in recent months. It's a non-sequitir, McConnell pointing out that his SUV is great for off-road driving as bystanders are screaming at him about the body underneath the tire.

9:12:54 AM    

How Not To Make A Point.

The worst possible way to argue against a political opponent? Write an article arguing that everything they're complaining about was already out there before the major document proving the same thing was released.

Personally, I feel rightfully chastized about the Downing Street Memo. The years of evidence that I and many others were pointing to in support of its central thesis prove, paradoxically, that there's no point and no use to it. If it were really important, we wouldn't already know about the corruption it lays out. Thank you, James Robbins, for disqualifying the entire logical evidentiary process. It needed to be done.

9:12:09 AM    

Was Lincoln a Christian?.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Abraham Lincoln's complicated metaphysical/spiritual orientation....

9:11:17 AM    

Delay: New Ethics Allegations

And the "drip, drip, drip" of Tom Delay's battle continues in the Washington Post, this morning.  But, John Bolton's nomination took centre stage on the Sunday shows, this morning, giving Delay a much needed day of rest. FOX News Sunday had this to say about it, while most of the other shows ignored it: WALLACE: "The Washington Post" reports that air fare for a trip to London and Scotland in 2000 by then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was charged to the...

- Rory

[Sunday Morning Talk]
6:55:28 AM    

Cheney Stumping for Reichert.

 The veep will be coming to Seattle today raise money for Rep. Dave Reichert (WA-8). My local mole inside more respectable Democratic circles sent me the following info on the planned protest: See details below and try to come down...

 [Pacific Views]
6:54:30 AM    

Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Democrats. No no the post-Dean Democratic party, the real question isn't why Donny Fowler threw a punch at Bob Brigham, it's whether or not Bob Brigham threw a punch back.... [Ezra Klein]
6:51:16 AM    

Towards A More Perfect Union

The NYTimes reports today that, thanks to changes in government formulas calculating how much students and their parents should pay toward college before receiving financial aid, this year fewer people than ever will be able to afford higher education: "The Department of Education says that any changes to the formula are driven by a legal obligation to keep it current, reflecting what families can...

- Riggsveda

6:50:03 AM    

The war in letters

The recruiter lied to them

Sending Our Children Off to War

Published: June 6, 2005

To the Editor:

The obvious question between the lines of "Growing Problem for Military Recruiters: Parents" (front page, June 3) is, Where do our leaders in Washington stand on this issue? They are parents, too, and they overwhelmingly support the war in Iraq. Are they encouraging their children to enlist?

When President Bush stands in the Rose Garden extolling the virtues of the war in Iraq, I wonder: What are Jenna and Barbara doing this summer? The disturbing reality is that the children of the men who decided to take our country to war are pursuing the cushy, safe jobs of the elite while other people's children are fighting and dying.

Isn't leadership more than mere words?

Barbara Ash

Weston, Conn., June 3, 2005


To the Editor:

After two decades of enlisted and commissioned Army service, on active duty and in the Reserve (including a year in Iraq), I have but one response to parents who resist attempts to recruit their children into the armed forces: "Well done."

The most common refrain heard in the Army is, "My recruiter lied to me." Self-deprecating and a bit of an inside joke, it remains a phrase nearly everyone in the Army can relate to.

Travel, adventure, high-tech equipment. Cargo planes with no seats, weeks without hot showers, latrines scrubbed with tin buckets and wooden brushes. My recruiter lied to me!

Russell Burgos

Thousand Oaks, Calif., June 3, 2005

Will they ever ask why the Bush twins have never enlisted?

[The News Blog]
6:48:59 AM    

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