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Friday, June 10, 2005

Missing White Women.

Perhaps if we sent some blonde-haired blue-eyed college sophomores to Iraq, we'd get some news coverage.

[Oliver Willis's blog]
2:26:41 PM    

A Comprehensive List Of Bush Scandals.

The Carpetbagger Report provides a list of this week's Bush scandals:
I'd like to point out what we've learned about the Bush White House -- not since January 2001, but from just this week.
  • The Bush White House let a former lobbyist...
  • [MyDD]

2:26:10 PM    

Looks like a clear case of infringement to me image

I expect the Discovery Institute is going to serve Danae with a cease-and-desist order any time now—she's infringing on their methodology!

- PZ Myers (

2:25:25 PM    

Kunstler radio interview. Thanks to Past Peak for linking to this Kunstler radio interview. He basically summarizes The Long Emergency for us, but it's still kind of interesting to hear it in his voice. Sometimes he gets pretty snarky in his books, so I was kind of surprised to hear how calm and reasonable he sounds.

Here's a rundown of some of the topics he touches on:
  • Food production: Right now food travels long distances. It's going to have to become much more local.
  • Suburbia: People regularly commute, and the school busing system is unsustainable.
  • Economic growth: Not going to happen with fuel shortages. The government isn't telling us about Peak Oil because it would immediately damage the economy.
  • Sustainable cities: The most successful places will be the smaller cities that don't have unreasonable energy demands, and that are near local agriculture.
  • Agriculture: Will necessarily involve a lot more human labor (and Kunstler hints at a return to share-cropping). He doesn't think we'll convert strip malls to agriculture; he thinks they'll be the "ruins of our time".
  • Alternative energies: Discusses why coal, natural gas, solar and wind power can't combine to replace oil. (This is addressed at length in the book.)
  • Political instability: The "formerly middle class" will be puzzled about and angry at their loss of entitlement. This will lead to interesting political shenanigans.
  • Why the populace is uninformed: Poor leadership and a lot of wishful thinking about alternative fuels. We believe that this is just one more thing that we'll overcome with technology. Besides, we're distracted by the easy recreation afforded by cheap oil.
  • Does Kunstler hold out hope? Yes. Humans are resourceful, and the people who come out of this will be more in touch with the meaningful aspects of human life, namely, better community.

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[The Oil Drum]
2:24:47 PM    

Is the VA the model?.

The VA is currently a wonderfully operated system and delivers excellent care largely becuase it has integrated IT and quality assessments into its delivery model much better than other health care providers. First it should be reocgnized the VA was...

 [Political Animal]
12:33:05 PM    

Congressional Health Insurance and the Voucher Plan.

I have failed to emphasize that the voucher plan is a lot like the insurance program for Senators and Congress people. Politicians are part of the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program. They have a choice of between 5 and 10...

[Political Animal]
12:32:26 PM    

Noe evil.

Some examples of the signs that met Bush in Ohio:

"Mr. President, Give back all of my money," "What ethics?" "$50 million for how many favors?'' and "Noe raised over $100,000 and you're only returning $4,000? Sounds like fuzzy math to me."

And the...

12:31:07 PM    

Even If Robin Wright Ignores It, White House Is Readying The Next Diversion Campaigns Into Iran And Syria.

If you want a textbook example of how lazy and overrated some reporters are, and how our media can be willing assistants to the Administration in leading us into another war without learning anything from Iraq, check this out. Here...

[The Left Coaster]
12:30:17 PM    

Well, they're white.

Stephen Crockett is absolutely right, Howard Dean is way too generous when he calls the Republicans a white, Christian party. Listen to Dean's comments. Via SF Chronicle, via Exit Stage Left....

12:28:27 PM    

U.S. general: Some rebels 'honest'.

U.S. major general says he can understand why Iraqi insurgents bear arms.

 [The Raw Story | A rational voice - Alternative news]
11:00:02 AM    

Talk with a chickenhawk

Talk big, do nothing

I got this in the mail this morning. So I bring it to you.

Living here in Oceanside, CA, home of the 1st Marine, I see personally the sacrifice the men and women in the service make and their families make. I see the strain on the wives trying desperately to keep their families from coming apart at the seems.

So, I respect and honor their sacrifice because they do put their lives on the line.

So, we finish a round of golf like I have never played. 3 birdies, 2 double bogeys, in all I shot 4 over par. It was my best ever. But I am going off on a tangent.

Well, he apparently is one of those who supports the war. I asked him if he had gone to enlist since the Army and Marines are having difficulty meeting their recruiting goals? He was incredulous. I asked him if he didn't see the hypocrisy in his "support" of the war? To which he responds, "Nobody put a gun to their heads. They signed up" . I told him what a cop out that was. That as long as it was other people doing the dying then his support was unwavering. I asked why he wasn't enlisting? Or, sending cards or packages to the wounded at Walter Reed? He was silent. He was angry. But he had no response.

Don't get me wrong. This is a really good guy but all his life he's been blindly parroting his father's and the GOP's talking points. I think yesterday may have been the first time he's even heard the "other side". I asked if he knew what the latest casualty figures were? He had no clue. I asked him how many had been wounded to date. He did not know. I asked him if he knew the date the war "officially" started?

He did not know.

I told him that unless you are prepared to sacrifice your own life, how can you ask someone else to? To which he responds, " They signed up for that". My rebuttal was,"Well aren't you a lucky motherfucker. You didn't have to make that choice did you? But those poor saps, well that's just their fate, isn't it?" With support like that, who needs friends.

In the end, we are measured not by our words but by our deeds. He told me that I was the one who was not supporting the troops. "Oh really? and because you want to keep them in that meat-grinder that you, yourself, do not have the guts to be in call that 'support'." He responds, "well you sure as hell don't want to go." "Damn straight, I don't. If it was up to me, All the troops and contractors would be on transports tomorrow getting the hell out of there. You're right, I don't want to be there in the worst way and neither do the soldiers nor should they be there. Not for this. Not for lies. Not to take out some two bit tyrant who posed no threat to anybody."

I finally told him, "War is the easy choice. Peace is hard. It takes hard work, it's frustrating. It requires patience and understanding. It requires introspection and commitment. It requires respect for others and respect for ones self. But it doesn't mean blind trust, either."


Steve, I have learned a lot from your writing. You set me straight on my "blind" hatred of the military. I see how wrong I was. I personally am witnessing the devastating effects that these deployments are having and the horrible disservice to their sacrifice for lies. Nothing but lies. Bush, deserve impeachment, then a flight straight to the Hague.

One thing I noted in our conversation was the fear in his eyes. Fear of me, fear of being wrong, fear of the terrorists that could be around every corner. As sure as the day is long, this guy was scared. I just could tell his fear is driving him and he feels powerless. I hope I have at least planted the seeds of doubt so he can overcome his irrational fear that permeates his mind.

[The News Blog]
10:58:21 AM    

The Creation of A Gamma Class Redux, or, Friday Pink Floyd Blogging

John Taylor Gatto, people! Since this seems to be shaping up as Corrente's special week-long education edition, let's think about the great meat-grinder, as Pink Floyd envisioned it, that has utterly masticated the public mind and pushed us all out into the same big bowl where we lie suitably stupefied, awaiting our rescue at the hands of the most recent politico-media creation, who will lie...

- Riggsveda

6:22:28 AM    

More CAFTA Fun.

Speaking of the administration's total duplicity surrounding CAFTA, here's President Bush lying through his teeth during a speech to Organization of American States: For the young democracies of Central America, CAFTA would bring new investment, and that means good...

[Ezra Klein]
6:21:03 AM    

Nixonites Lecture Us on Ethics. Perhaps the most bizarre thing I've seen in months: G. Gordon Liddy and Charles Colson lecturing us on ethics. Martin Schram reports: Nixon's henchmen lecture us on ethics: History's latest con happened right before our eyes Tuesday night.... [T]hose faces that just popped up in the looking-glass/screen were all the president's men, once in power and then in disgrace, more than three decades ago. Richard Nixon's ex-convicts - who did jail time for their crimes against democracy and then profited from their crimes by writing books and becoming celebrities - had returned to work one more con. Nixon's former senior White House assistant, Charles Colson, and the Nixon team's burglar-in-chief, G. Gordon Liddy, worked the cable news circuit, expressing moral indignation that the FBI's former deputy director, W. Mark Felt, was Deep Throat. He was the source who had blown their cover by feeding facts to the Washington Post's Bob Woodward - truths that helped land many in jail and drove Nixon from office. 'I was shocked because I worked with him closely,' Colson said on MSNBC. 'And you would think the deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you could talk to with the same confidence you...

[Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal]
6:19:31 AM    

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