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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Dixiecrat pro-murder caucus lives

Boys, I couldn't be prouder.

The South shall rise again,

even if I'm roasting in hell.

AmericaBlog has the latest list of pro-murder Senators

Latest list of Republican pro-lynching Senators

by John in DC - 6/15/2005 10:26:00 AM

The latest list is up on Thomas. We mistakenly didn't add Hutchison (R-TX) and Kyl (R-AZ) to the list of bad guys. They did NOT cosponsor. They're on the bad guy list now. And remember, they can still cosponsor retroactively, so why haven't they? Call now.

And don't forget to read how Bill Frist vetoed having a roll call vote on the lynching resolution, and how he refused to have the resolution come up during the day when the media would be aware of it.


Lamar Alexander (R-TN) - (202) 224-4944

Robert Bennett (R-UT) - (202) 224-5444

Thad Cochran (R-MS) - (202) 224-5054

John Cornyn (R-TX) - (202) 224-2934

Michael Crapo (R-ID) - (202) 224-6142

Michael Enzi (R-WY) - (202) 224-3424

Chuck Grassley (R-IA) - (202) 224-3744

Judd Gregg (R-NH) - (202) 224-3324

Orrin Hatch (R-UT) - (202) 224-5251

Kay Hutchison (R-TX) - (202) 224-5922

Jon Kyl (R-AZ) - (202) 224-4521

Trent Lott (R-MS) - (202) 224-6253

Richard Shelby (R-AL) - (202) 224-5744

John Sununu (R-NH) - (202) 224-2841

Craig Thomas (R-WY) - (202) 224-6441


George Voinovich (R-OH)

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

So why are these Senators pro-murder? I say we ask them. Especially Lamar!

[The News Blog]
10:06:16 PM    

The colors call you, young Republican

College Republicans, come join us

Our friend Rude Pundit says the following:

A Rude Note of Encouragement To College Republicans :

Hey, crazy College Republicans, it's time to step up for Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, and good ol' George W. Bush. Ya see, with recruitment for active military and reserves (which, these days, is like active military but without things like benefits) going down faster than a hot coed at a Campus Conservatives for Christ informational mixer, the brave boys and girls in uniform need some new blood to be spilled on the hot streets of Basra and Baghdad.

Man, you College Republicans are da bomb, a'ight, with your Talking Points on Terror that say, "U.S. forces are now working alongside Iraqi security forces to defeat terrorists in militants in the country. America and our coalition forces helped to end the Saddam Hussein?s brutal regime, and now that we are helping to promote peace and democracy, the American people are safer." And, in your Muslim Outreach section, you say, "Due to the strong leadership and compassion of our President, the country of Iraq is securing a stable and prosperous future despite those who would thwart the progress." Well, sweet shit, 18-22 year-old motherfuckers, the campaign is over. Your re-elected President o' compassion needs your tender, young flesh to continue the march to a free Iraq. Otherwise, well, shit, the terrorists win, no?

College Republicans National Committee Chair Eric Hoplin , you'd be a fine example to the rest of your organization if you went down to the local Army office and said, "Sign me up, Sarge. And put me on the front lines." Or howzabout Minnesota College Republican Chair Jake Grassel . Just hop on over to the St. Paul Marine recruiting office. Imagine how much the ladies would like you in the dress blues.

Goddamn, Stephen Puetz , Chairman of the California College Republicans, you've been so busy getting thousands of fine, delusional youngsters to join your group, as well as working to suppress the free speech of Michael Moore and meeting your wife at a Bush volunteer get-together that you forgot that there's a way to really put up or shut up: ask your Vietnam vet Dad how the Navy can make a man of you. Or you could just take a page from Michael Davidson 's bio - he's running for chair of the CRNC and "hopes to join" the Marines in 2007.

Al Jiwa at Yale, Evan Baehr and Rachel Rawson , daughter of a Marine, at Princeton, don't just leave it up to the officers at non-Ivy schools. Show everyone a Yalie can take shrapnel in the leg like a UConn student. Show the other College Republicans over there how to scream in Latin that it fuckin' burns and goddamn why are we here and, fuck, don't-let-me-lose-the-leg.

The 56th Annual CRNC Convention starts in a little over a week. There, fine speakers like Tom DeLay, Grover Norquist, and David Horowitz will whip you into a fevered frenzy of Bush-worship masking as patriotism. Surely, you will bow your heads and pray for the lost and injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Surely, you will parade the few of your own who have been there. Surely, you will spend time honoring all your heroes who went to Vietnam, like DeLay, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Karl Rove...oh, wait. That explains why you're College Republicans.

Learn the words now:

From the Halls of Montezuma

To the shores of Tripoli

We fight our country's battles

In the air on land and sea.

First to fight for right and freedom

And to keep our honor clean;

We are proud to bear the title

Of United States Marines.

Our flag's unfurled to every breeze

From dawn to setting sun;

We have fought in every clime and place

Where we could take a gun.

In the snow of far-off Northern lands

And in sunny tropic scenes;

You will find us always on the job --

The United States Marines.

Here's health to you and to our Corps

Which we are proud to serve;

In many a strife we've fought for life

And never lost our nerve.

If the Army and the Navy

Ever look on Heaven's scenes,

They will find the streets are guarded

By United States Marines.

or if the Marines aren't your thing:

Over hill, over dale

As we hit the dusty trail,

And the Caissons go rolling along.

In and out, hear them shout,

Counter march and right about,

And the Caissons go rolling along.

Then it's hi! hi! hee!

In the field artillery,

Shout out your numbers loud and strong,

For where e'er you go,

You will always know

That the Caissons go rolling along.

Over hill, over dale

As we hit the dusty trail,

And the Caissons go rolling along.

In and out, hear them shout,

Counter march and right about,

And the Caissons go rolling along.

Then it's hi! hi! hee!

In the field artillery,

Shout out your numbers loud and strong,

For where e'er you go,

You will always know

That the Caissons go rolling along.

That the Caissons go rolling along.

That the Caissons go rolling along.

You'll need to know the words when you graduate from OCS or Boot Camp. Your country needs you. The colors call.

[The News Blog]
10:02:38 PM    

Another way to outsource torture.

I think it's safe to say that the main purpose of extraordinary rendition is to put some distance between us and the most heinous forms of torture, and still get its benefits (and the benefits, I believe, have more to...

 [Body and Soul]
10:01:18 PM    

Shooting the messenger.

GOP Committee Targets International Red Cross: Senate Republicans are calling on the Bush administration to reassess U.S. financial support for the International Committee of the Red Cross, charging that the group is using American funds to lobby against U.S. interests....

[Body and Soul]
10:00:36 PM    

The True Party Of Inclusion., see, this is what I'm talking about. Well, not that I've been talking about it just now, but it does illustrate a problem within the Democratic party that I've rambled on about in the past. The Republicans understand, baby; they have this big tent thing nailed down and don't allow themselves to get hung up in those sharp little single issue firefights that usually result in one Democratic constituency or another sitting on the sidelines pouting over some real or imagined slight. Unlike Democrats, who hold onto grudges over singular idealogical differences with the same grim deathgrip to which they apply to their principles, Republicans are willing to overlook their differences. The Dobson's, Falwell's, Robertson's, Swaggart's, and other prominent figures on the Republican religious right are more than happy to open their welcoming arms - more than figuratively in some cases if past history is any judge, but never mind that - to the sort of passionate, devoted three-day-old party loyalist and potential electoral candidate who's past employment history features a host of websites whose content would get your ass fired if you were caught at work doing purely political research on some of her...uh...positions. I mean, they've gotta...

10:00:14 PM    

Scottie’s Daily Press Fleecing.

Great moments in McClellan history:

Q: Is there any connection here between a guy who worked in the White House editing out conclusions about global warming going to work for a corporation that opposed [the Kyoto protocol]?

MR. McCLELLAN: That’s a pretty absurd question that you just raised.

[Think Progress]
9:59:35 PM    

Political Theatre At Its Very Best.

Daily Kos - Dean sure knows how to produce good political theatre: While Republican leaders wine and dine the super rich, Chairman Dean will spend his day today talking with ordinary Americans. He will be calling regular folks who have given $25 -- not $25,000 -- and listening to what you have to say about our party, our country, and our future. You stood with the chairman and our party during the Republican attacks of the past few days by making a contribution -- and you could be one of those getting a call. Please let me know what motivated you to give: I wonder how this will go down with the media? Yeah, I thought so too. PS--He's already called one blogger.

 [The Agonist]
9:57:16 PM    

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