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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Republicans eating their own

Watch winger operative David "I'm Writing as Bad as I Can" Brooks, more in sorrow than in anger, gently slip the stilletto in. He makes an ugly sight look almost pretty: [In High School, Frist] dated the head cheerleader, and while he was in med school they were engaged to be married. But while interning in Boston, he met another woman, spent a dinner and a night with her, and fell in love. Two...

- Lambert
11:31:22 AM    

Downing Street Memo makes the front page.

Imagine our surprise to see a headline article about yet another Downing Street Memo on the front page above the fold of the Maryville Daily Times. This can't be good for Bush & Co.

 [South Knox Bubba]
11:30:30 AM    

Dad picks up $600 tab for son's body armor.

Father of 19-year-old Arizona Marine spends $600 to aid son's safety.

 [The Raw Story | A rational voice - Alternative news]
9:15:25 AM    

Steve Cobble: Cobblestones

As a card-carrying "wing nut", I have a question for the Washington Post on the Downing Street Minutes--if they are such old news, then exactly when did you run that big, front-page story that the U.K.'s Attorney General said "that the desire for regime change was not a legal basis for military action?"

- Steve Cobble

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9:13:53 AM    

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